A discussion on how hitler came to power

He used the time to produce Mein Kampf, in which he argued that the effeminate Jewish-Christian ethic was enfeebling Europe, and that Germany needed a man of iron to restore itself and build an empire. Soon after the fighting on the front ended in November[c] Hitler returned [d] to Munich after the Armistice with no job, no real civilian job skills and no friends. On the orders of his army superiors, Hitler applied to join the party.

A discussion on how hitler came to power

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However, his own family tree was quite mixed up and would be a lifelong source of embarrassment and concern to him. His father, Alois, was born in He was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber and her unknown mate, which may have been someone from the neighborhood or a poor millworker named Johann Georg Hiedler.

A discussion on how hitler came to power

Maria Schicklgruber was said to have been employed as a cook in the household of a wealthy Jewish family named Frankenberger. There is some speculation their 19 year old son got her pregnant and regularly sent her money after the birth of Alois.

Adolf Hitler would never know for sure just who his grandfather was. The marriage lasted five years until her death of natural causes, at which time Alois went to live on a small farm with his uncle.

At age thirteen, young Alois had enough of farm life and set out for the city of Vienna to make something of himself. He worked hard as a civil servant and eventually became a supervisor. By he achieved the rank of Senior Assistant Inspector, a big accomplishment for the former poor farm boy with little formal education.

At this time an event occurred that would have big implications for the future. Alois had always used the last name of his mother, Schicklgruber, and thus was always called Alois Schicklgruber.

He made no attempt to hide the fact he was illegitimate since it was common in rural Austria. But after his success in the civil service, his proud uncle from the small farm convinced him to change his last name to match his own, Hiedler, and continue the family name. However, when it came time to write the name down in the record book it was spelled as Hitler.

And so in at age 39, Alois Schicklgruber became Alois Hitler. Technically, because of the name change, she was his own niece and so he had to get special permission from the Catholic church.

The children from his previous marriage, Alois Hitler, Jr. On April 20,her fourth child, Adolf was born healthy and was baptized a Roman Catholic. His father was busy working most of the time and also spent a lot of time on his main hobby, keeping bees.

Baby Adolf had the nickname, Adi. When he was almost five, inhis mother gave birth to a brother, Edmund. In came a sister, Paula. In May of at age six, young Adolf Hitler entered first grade in the public school in the village of Fischlham, near Linz Austria.

First, the unrestrained, carefree days he had enjoyed up to now came to an end as he entered primary school. Secondly, his father retired on a pension from the Austrian civil service. This meant a double dose of supervision, discipline and regimentation under the watchful eyes of teachers at school and his strict father at home.

His father, now 58, had spent most of his life working his way up through the civil service ranks. He was used to giving orders and having them obeyed and also expected this from his children. The Hitler family lived on a small farm outside of Linz, Austria. The children had farm chores to perform along with their school work.

In she gave birth to a girl, Paula. The oldest boy, Alois Jr. A year later, at age 14, young Alois had enough of this treatment and ran away from home, never to see his father again.

A discussion on how hitler came to power

This put young Adolf, age 7, next in line for the same treatment. Also at this time, the family moved off the farm to the town of Lambach, Austria, halfway between Linz and Salzburg.

For young Adolf, the move to Lambach meant an end to farm chores and more time to play. There was an old Catholic Benedictine monastery in the town. The ancient monastery was decorated with carved stones and woodwork that included several swastikas. Adolf attended school there and saw them every day.

His name essentially sounded like the German word for swastika, Hakenkreuz.

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He was said to have had a fine singing voice. Years later Hitler would say the solemn pageantry of the high mass and other Catholic ceremonies was quite intoxicating and left a very deep impression.How did Hitler come to power? The process occurred over multiple decades.

Hitler’s rise to power started when he became politically involved and joined the Deutsche Arbeiterspartei. From there he worked himself up in the party, Why Did Hitler Hate Jews? How Hitler Came to Power;. Oct 06,  · Hitler’s History This hour On Point, how Hitler came to power, and lessons for today.

— Tom Ashbrook. + Join the discussion. View comment(s) Support the news. Hitler's Rise to Power Hitler's Early Life However, when it came time to write the name down in the record book it was spelled as Hitler.

And so in at age 39, Alois Schicklgruber became Alois Hitler. Hitler's Mein Kampf Hitler served only eight months of his five-year term. Through class discussion and a written response, students will examine how choices made by individuals and groups contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party in the s and s.

The reading Hitler in Power explains how Hitler’s appointment came about.

Discussion Questions Hitler's Willing Executioners. stated his belief that "Germany ceased to be civilized from the moment Hitler came to power." Just how civilized, or uncivilized, was prewar and wartime Germany? 5. After reading Hitler's Willing Executioners. Oct 19,  · It is important for students today to understand how Hitler came to power.

For too long there has seemed to be a fear of teaching about Hitler and his supporters. Although this lesson points to how the people helped Hitler gain power students need .

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