Business plan elevator pitch definition

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Business plan elevator pitch definition

By Scott BerkunFebruary Coming up with good ideas is hard enough, but convincing others to do something with them is much harder.

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In many fields the task of bringing an idea to someone with the power to do something with it is called a pitch: And although the fields or industries may differ, the basic skill of pitching ideas is largely the same. This essay provides a primer on idea pitches, and although most of my experience is in the tech-sector, I pitch to you that the advice here will be relevant to pitching business plans, yourself e.

The nature of ideas Ideas demand change. By definition, the application of an idea means that something different will take place in the universe. Even if your idea is undeniably and wonderfully brilliant, it will force someone, somewhere to change how they do something.

And since many people do not like change, and fear change, the qualities of your idea that you find so appealing may be precisely what make your idea so difficult for people to accept.

Some individuals fear change so much that they structure their lives around avoiding it. Know anyone exhibiting the curious behavior of being obviously miserable in their job, their city, their relationship, but still refusing to make changes? So when your great idea comes into contact with a person who does not want change, you and your idea are at a disadvantage.

Healthy and progressive organizations make change easier than stinky evil organizations do. Smart organizations or managers often depend on change. Leaders in these havens for smart people not only encourage positive change to happen, but expect people at all levels of their organization to push for it.

It requires more work and maturity for these managers to make this kind of environment successful, but when they pull it off, smart people are systematically encouraged to be smart.

Idea pitching happens all the time: The thrill of being clever is so strong that they forget the fact that there are interesting ideas bouncing around for every single truly good idea. By my definition, an interesting idea takes a novel or creative approach to doing something, whereas a good idea is not just creative, but actually improves on a meaningful quality or attribute, in a way that can be practically applied to the world or the project.

Good ideas include some thinking about execution and delivery. People can dismiss it quickly just by asking 2 or 3 basic questions. Always remember that moving from an interesting but vague idea, to specific and actionable is the difficult part of creation and invention.

For example, there were lots of people with the idea for making light bulbs. What problem does this solve?The business model answers the question, “How do we create value for our customers and our firm?” Value = Benefits – Costs.

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Definition of elevator pitch: Very concise presentation of an idea covering all of its critical aspects, and delivered within a few seconds (the approximate duration of . CONSUB holds specialist expertise in the field of valves and offer our services in a unique and flexible way..

We recognize that there are many situations on projects or within an operations environment where there is a need for valve expertise but not necessarily on a full-time basis.

business plan elevator pitch definition

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