Choosing between candidates

Continue to article content Elizabeth Warren and her liberal allies appear to be on the verge of another victory in their battle to stop the White House from choosing financial regulators with ties to Wall Street. President Barack Obama was planning to nominate corporate attorney Keir Gumbs to fill a Democratic seat on the Securities and Exchange Commission last month, according to four sources familiar with the matter. In January, banker Antonio Weiss withdrew his name for nomination to a Treasury post after Warren and others criticized his background on Wall Street.

Choosing between candidates

Both passed your thorough screening and reference checks with flying colors. Both boast the education, experience, and skills you require and dazzled you during the interview process.

So how do you choose the right one? Here are a few tips that can help. Review your requirements Remember that written job description you came up with before you started the hiring process?

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Review that job description and reflect on what mattered before you met these candidates. Were any skills, strengths or characteristics brushed aside or overlooked during the interviewing process?

When you look at that job description again with your final candidates in mind, you might realize that one of them most clearly fills the role you initially sought to fill. Contemplate cultural fit How will the candidates integrate into your existing team?

Choosing between candidates

Their ability to fit in with your current employees could be the difference between an employee who performs well and grows with the organization long-term and an employee who leaves as soon as a better opportunity presents itself. Look toward the future All candidates may be perfectly suited to fulfill the job requirements right now.

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But one may have more potential to excel over time. Who exhibits more of an interest in professional development or has more leadership potential?

Consider connections With more than one talented and experienced candidate to choose from, the deciding factor might come down to who they know. A vast network with connections to potential clients, customers and future employees has real value.

Choosing between candidates

Check out their LinkedIn profiles. Find out their degree of community involvement or if they have rousing referrals from a number of prominent people.

Hiring based solely on connections is never a wise idea. However, when choosing between several excellent candidates, knowing whether one is uniquely positioned to help your business grow and succeed is always a good idea. BLOG You have two great candidates but can just hire one A recruiter can help you figure that out.

Use the tips above to consider what these candidates could bring to your organization now and in the future.

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We take quite a different approach than most staffing agencies. We believe in forming real relationships with both our clients and our candidates. We want to understand the needs on both sides.Sandra Day O'Connor nomination.

During his campaign, Reagan pledged that, if given the opportunity, he would appoint the first female Supreme Court Justice. That opportunity came in his first year in office when he nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Potter Stewart.

O'Connor was approved by the Senate by a vote of on September 21, CoolSculpting pricing is protected by Zeltiq, the manufacturer, so you can be sure that pricing is nearly the same everywhere. There may be specials offered during events, or some practices may offer a monthly promotion.

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Our Mission. The mission of the ADCPA is to enhance its members’ expertise through the sharing of knowledge and resources to provide progressive consulting, accounting and tax . How to decide between equally qualified and talented candidates. Every recruiter has faced it, it’s the nature of the job.

In fact, Jake Wyant, Director of Staffing and Capacity Planning for Avaap, a leading global IT services provider, has had to make the tough decision when two equally talented candidates have made the final list.

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