Eva consulting report

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Eva consulting report

I had hopes despite the really bizarre design of it. The Eva has been updated — changes include a smaller profile but the concept of fit is still the same. I unpacked Eva and held it aloft and reactions were mixed.

But then I turned Eva on…and my face fell like a bad souffle. I looked more dramatically sad and pathetic than Grumpy Cat. The video contains nothing but glowing testimonies naturally from happy, hetero couples.

Early online reviews made it sound awesome and super-powered. Literally, they talk about intense vibrations. I appreciate the massive attention that the Eva by Dame Products received during crowdfunding Eva consulting report because of the conversations it started on many corners of the internet.

But in person, in actual use? The Vibrations Before we even delve into talking about the biggest factor of fit, we need to talk about the motor that Dame Products chose for the Eva.

I have a lot of vibrators that are more powerful. The vibrations are shallow, surface-buzzy and extremely mild. I tried to go all Tantric with it and just relax, let go and watch some porn but….

Eva consulting report

It was never going to happen. I thought that perhaps the vibrations could add in to the amazing, almost-overwhelming, g-spot sensations I feel during sex but they made the vibrations of the Eva feel non-existent.

I realize I require more vibrations than a good portion of the population but I am able to be objective here. These vibrations are mild.

Suffice to say, no one in the House of Bex that night was impressed with the vibrations 2. I almost feel like the noise is making you think the vibrations are stronger than they are. I felt barely a buzz. I really want to go to the houses of those early reviewers and demand to see their Bug because Houston, we have a fucking problem.

Neither used it during penetrative sex but were trying it out to see if it would even stay put under the best of circumstances and test the vibrations. Due to a shipping snafu that Dame Products was kind enough to compensate for early on 4I received two Evas and so I sent one off to Sarah to try during penetrative sex.

General accounts from GJ and Bex were that it took foreverrrr to wrangle it into place where it was staying put; more time than one would want to spend when in the midst of sex.

Eva consulting report

It kept slipping, despite the fact that no sex was involved. For Sarah, it sounds like her vulva is small 5 like she is! They never could get to the point of deciding on whether or not it would have stayed put or helped her with orgasm. Again, it took a long time to get it properly in place for her — 10 minutes of fiddling around.

Would this get better with multiple uses? She felt that the third level of vibration was a little more powerful than she expected from my moaning about it, but it was very numbing. I had no problems getting the Eva to stay put at first simply because my outer labia cover it up.

But it kept popping up on one side, and subtly moved around a bit. Some degree of rumbling vibrations on your clitoris The ability to rub your clitoris with the sex toy Lube, and lots of it during sex your own or from a bottle Moderately powerful vibrations, or more Then the Eva by Dame Products is not for you.

If you have minimal outer labia but long inner labia, the Eva may not be for you 6 because the inner labia might get in the way. I could talk about charging time or use time. You may wonder why I was skeptical about the product; am I just jaded?

Nay nay it goes beyond just that — first time products from baby companies coming from crowd-funded platforms rarely turn out well. I think the Fixsation is more dumb than the Eva by Dame Products.

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The Eva by Dame Products was a crowd-funded vibrator – the Indiegogo campaign raised % more money than they asked for. So while I remained skeptical, I thought “With all that extra money there’s no excuse now for not doing a ton of beta testing and employing a really awesome motor, and basically getting it really right, right out of the gate”.

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