Is internet really a social place

June 22, Social Media and the Workplace New platforms can be tools for connection with colleagues and outside experts, but can also serve as distractions while on the job By Cliff Lampe and Nicole B. Ellison Social media influences and permeates many aspects of daily life for Americans today, and the workforce is no exception.

Is internet really a social place

Feature Stories 4 Dangers of the Internet Protect your kids from cyberbullying and exposure to sexual predators with these Internet safety tips from the experts.

Once she began dating him, a jealous girl flooded her computer with a stream of nasty messages.

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With the speed and ease of the Internet, her classmate soon recruited 20 others to bully Handy online. As the ordeal dragged on for months, she dreaded going to school, felt physically ill and saw her grades tumble.

No doubt, the Internet can be an extremely useful tool for young people. But instant messaging, chat rooms, emails and social networking sites can also bring trouble - from cyberbullying to more serious Internet dangers, including exposure to sexual predators.

How savvy are you about keeping your child or teenager safe online? Follow these tips to protect your kids from the 4 major dangers of the Internet. Cyberbullying On the Internet, cyberbullying takes various forms, says Netsmartz Cyberbullying includes sending hateful messages or even death threats to children, spreading lies about them online, making nasty comments on their social networking profiles, or creating a website to bash their looks or reputation.

Cyberbullying differs from schoolyard bullyingHandy says. Some cyberbullies pose as their victims and send out harassing messages to others. Recently, cyberbullies have also begun posting humiliating videos of other kids they dislike, says Parry Aftab, a cyberspace security and privacy lawyer who also serves as executive director of WiredSafety.

Continued In the age of YouTube, a website that hosts videos shot by users, "Kids are looking for their 15 megabytes of fame," Aftab says. If your son or daughter tells you, stay calm. But if the cyberbullying involves any physical threat, you may need to call the police. Internet Safety Tips Some tips from Netsmartz.

To keep others from using their email and Internet accounts, kids should never share Internet passwords with anyone other than parents, experts say. If children are harassed or bullied through instant messaging, help them use the "block" or "ban" feature to prevent the bully from contacting them.

If a child keeps getting harassing emails, delete that email account and set up a new one. Remind your child to give the new email address only to family and a few trusted friends.

Tell your child not to respond to rude or harassing emails, messages and postings. If the cyberbullying continues, call the police.

Keep a record of the emails as proof. The CyberTipline helps prevent sexual exploitation of children by reporting cases of kids enticed online to do sexual acts. While sexual predators have targeted children in chat rooms, they migrate to wherever young people go online, Shehan says.

More predators are now scouring social networking sites, such as MySpace and Xanga, because these sites have centralized so much information, Shehan says. Look at the site together or search for it yourself online.

Social networking sites often have age limits. If you want to delete a site, work with your child to cancel the account, or contact the social networking site directly. Tell your kids not to post a full name, address, phone number, school name and other personal information that could help a stranger to find them.


Remind them that photos - like your child in a team sweatshirt - can give away clues to where they live. Ask them not to send photos to people they meet online.

Learn about privacy settings that allow kids to choose who can view their profiles. Tell them to "instant message" only with family or friends they already know off-line. Ask your kids to report any online sexual solicitation to you or another trusted adult right away.People pursue strategies to try to avoid problems on social media and the internet overall.

canvassings about the future is that people often find it hard to disconnect because so much of modern life takes place on social media. 13 reasons why the internet is good for you.

Social media can lead to people making more informed health decisions It's a good place to start married life. 35% of couples married between and met online. Divorce or separation rates are lower for couples who met online.

A new book seeks to debunk our widespread alarm about children, social media, and technology The Internet Is a Safer Place for Your Teen Than You Think Subscribe.

Is internet really a social place

Thesis: Mechanisms of Internet governance have resolved most Internet technical and social problems well. Not only should real world governments tread lightly upon the Net, but they might learn something from it.

"The Internet, of course, is more than a place to find pictures of people having sex with dogs." Philip Elmer-Dewitt. One thing that you can count on is that nothing you do on the Internet will ever be private again. In fact, if you are obsessed with privacy then the last place you want to be is on the Internet.

media reports and postings on social media sites for operationally relevant data, information, analysis, and imagery.”. Social Media and the Workplace.

Fully 77% of workers report using social media regardless of whether their employer has such a policy in place. Social Media Use in Internet & Tech 05/31/ Teens, Social Media & Technology Get Pew Research Center data by email.

4 Dangers of the Internet