Oisd 117

Finance ministry wants to do a study on its own on revamping DGH Dec There are wheels between wheels in the government and that is evident from the fact that it is not just the petroleum ministry but even the finance ministry has now decided to conduct a study on international best practices in the exploration and production segment so as to suggest changes in the regulatory set up of the domestic upstream oil and gas arena. North Block has now alerted the petroleum ministry that it will go ahead and appoint a suitable consultant to study international practices for regulation, exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

Oisd 117

I. Introduction to tankfarm:

Review from an operation point of view — process requirements, tray routes for piping. Major Line Routing reviewed and finalized. Overall review aimed at producing the final drawings.

Statutory and Regulatory Requirements in Piping Designs…. Some examples are as follows: With an overall objective of ensuring safety and security of public and property from fire and explosion, PESO as a statutory authority is entrusted with the administration of Explosives Act,Petroleum Act, ; Inflammable Substances Act, and other related acts.

Also to be complied with such as allowable emission rate of NOx, SOx How piping design relates to other disciplines — Internal and External Coordination: Process is the upstream discipline for the engineering group. Mechanical group gives us Mechanical Data Sheet of Equipment.

In the later stages of design, Vendor Prints VPs are made available. Instrumentation group supplies the data for inline and online instruments, control valves, relief valves. Electrical gives the hazardous area classification drawings, cable layout etc.

All these disciplines are also involved in preparing the Plot Plans Piping design has enormous implications on plant construction, operation and function.

There are other external groups such as the Licensor and the PMC. They are equally important.

Oisd 117

Piping Vs Other Disciplines.The scope of Piping Design: The scope of piping refers to the entire design process of connecting the equipment using appropriate piping components as determined by the process engineering team.

Bureau of Indian Standards; Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India; Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation, Chief Controller of Explosives-Govt of .

Home» About Us» HPCL Recognition and Awards» Achievements and Awards Achievements and Awards Language English Image: HPCL emerged victorious among entries from companies across 14 countries.

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HPCL has bagged this Award for the second time after OISD . IEEE Power & Energy Society members and other industry enthusiasts came together for the General Meeting from Aug.

Over 3, attendees converged on Portland in order to provide new insights, ideas and answers to the most important questions facing the power industry. The Govt. of India was holding the entire Paid- up Share Capital of the Company till The Govt.

of India disinvested about 9% of its holding in the company in favour of Banks, Mutual funds, Financial Institutions and Employees of . OISD-STD – on Fire protection facilities for Petroleum depots and terminals OISD-STD- on LPG bottling plant and layouts.

Oisd 117

API Standard –Design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of Terminal and Tank facilities.

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