Telephone conversation example business report

General technical details of telephone line Surprisingly, a telephone is one of the simplest devices you have in your house. It is so simple because the telephone connection to your house has not changed in nearly a century. If you have an antique phone from the s, you could connect it to the wall jack in your house and it would work fine!

Telephone conversation example business report

First, each prison system or local jail enters into an exclusive contract with a telephone company, granting that telephone company a monopoly in the state prisons or at the local jail.

These fees — the vast majority of which do not exist in the ordinary telephone market — drive the telephone bills charged to people with telephone conversation example business report loved ones to astronomical levels.

While the push to bring down the cost of staying in touch has been an ongoing struggle for decades, [16] some policymakers have realized that the price to call home need not be so staggering.

Indeed, several states have attempted to bring down prison telephone charges. For example, eight states and the District of Columbia do not accept commission payments in telephone service contracts for certain correctional facilities.

Finally, a proliferation of new fees charged by phone companies is impeding efforts to reduce phone bills. National rate caps will be ineffective at protecting consumers when the industry is free to create additional fees out of thin air. Fortunately, the one entity with the ability and technical expertise to address this problem — the Federal Communications Commission — is seriously considering bringing much-needed and much-called for reform to the prison telephone industry.

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Ina group of plaintiffs brought a class action lawsuit against the Corrections Corporation of America and several prison phone companies, alleging that the prison phone agreements between the parties violated, among other things, federal anti-trust law.

The federal district court in Washington, D. The public and involved parties submitted initial comments during the first 60 day comment period, and then had 30 additional days to submit reply comments. The final reply comment period ended on April 22, The FCC must now decide how to proceed.

The current structure of the prison phone market guarantees exorbitant phone bills. In an ordinary market for goods or services, consumers have the freedom to select the best seller.

In the prison phone market, though, state and local government entities grant monopolies to telephone companies by entering into exclusive contracts. Inmates cannot choose among multiple carriers for lower rates.

Instead, prison administrators select the service provider, and their incentives do not necessarily align with those who are incarcerated. Commission payments are an inherent component of nearly all prison phone contracts, magnifying the price of prison phone service.

State prison systems and local jails generally award contracts to the telephone company that promises the highest commission payments, with little regard for the corresponding increase in the rate charged to the consumer. As Securus, the second largest prison telephone company, suggests, phone companies design their revenue structure to compensate for the revenue loss caused by commissions.

While the fees carry a variety of official-sounding names, all drastically increase the cost of talking on the phone with someone in prison or jail.

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Therefore, merely examining the per-minute calling rates leads to an incomplete understanding of the source of prison phone service revenue. The FCC must look at the whole picture in order to create regulations that lead to a well-functioning market that controls the total costs that consumers pay for calls from prisons and jails.

Bringing Jails Into Focus While most discussions about the need for federal regulation of the prison phone industry have focused on state prisons, the fact that a vast number of people pass through jail systems every year makes it essential to consider how the prison phone industry impacts this population as well.

Broadening discussions about the prison phone industry to also include the impact on jails makes it clear that the number of people victimized by high telephone rates and fees is far higher than previously understood.

Prisons and jails are conceptually and operationally distinct, with different management and oversight systems. A single national cap on rates and fees as proposed by the Wright Petition would benefit all of these facilities, although for different reasons.

As a general introductory matter, it is important to consider the range of different incarcerated populations that must call loved ones on the outside. CenturyLink provides the FCC with two anecdotes from Michigan and South Carolina that show how eliminating commissions led to an immediate drop in the rates: In order to cover the significant up-front and ongoing fixed costs incurred in these contracts, higher calling rates were necessary when the payment of site commissions was required by the facilities.

Surcharge Cost for 15 minute collect call Commission.Dec 13,  · Having business telephone conversations in a second language can be very stressful if you don't know what to say. It is very common to feel nervous when . 40 Common Phrases for Effortless Business Telephone Calls in English.

telephone conversation example business report

Can you drive a car? If not, do you know several people who can drive? 40 Must-know English Phrases for Business Telephone Calls Taking a call. Do you mind sending me the report again, please? Promising action. The first example response is in American English and the second is in British English.

As you can see there are differences in both forms. As you can see there are differences in both forms. The telephone articles include both British and American English, as well as phrases that are common to both forms.

Dec 13,  · In this business English lesson, we’ll begin by looking at a bad example of answering a call and taking message. We’ll discuss why it’s a bad example, and then we’ll go into a good example.

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