The necklace analysis

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The necklace analysis

Many have emailed me and said that they seem to look good in a majority of colors from two similar groups. Deep Winter and Deep Autumn. The group seasonal color analysis system takes into account that you may have color characteristics from more than one season.

A classic example is of a Deep Winter.

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So basically you have a primary season but with characteristics your secondary season from another season. However, your secondary season is usually similar to your dominant one. It means you have both warm and cool undertones equally present in your coloring.

Here is another chart with celeb examples: Have in mind that many of the colors in both sister season groups eg. Deep Winter and Deep Autumn overlap with each other. If you look closely at the flow chart, a Deep Autumn is really a blend of Autumn and Winter.

It means that they have a warmth of a typical Autumn season but the intensity of a Winter, however depending on their unique mix of coloring, they will look better in one color palette than the other.

The necklace analysis

If you are a dominant Deep Winter with a mix of both cool and warm undertones, you can usually wear the deepest colors in the Deep Autumn palette. However you might find yellow-orange based colors to be horrible colors. Kim Kardashian look so-and-so in bright yellow despite her fab smile!

She would have looked better in it if she was more tanned Deep Autumn-like. For her Deep Winter look, a lemon yellow is more suitable because of its cool look.

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Take the gold or silver test. Of course, there are exceptions. However, remember that this analysis is based on your dominant characteristic, and not the combination of your coloring. What is the one character eye, hair, skin that seem to dominate your appearance?

Is it the deep and rich hair? And the list goes on here in the seasonal color analysis. This makes sure that the analysis works everyone, regardless of race and ethnicity! Learn more about the color theory behind the seasonal color analysis. Learn more about color analysis for ethnic women. Read my review of the book and get a copy.

Because a person can have warm undertone but cool overtone, and some people can appear neutral. However if you see a definite coolness or warmth to your skin tone then that can play a big role in defining your coloring.

BUT the skin tone is not alone in determining your coloring. Despite her orange skin, her blue eyes and black hair have the most impact in her appearance and are considered to be her most dominant characteristic.

Or you may have a multi-colored, mousy hair with blue-green eyes. These are typical examples of Soft-Muted.

Or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Katherine Heigl also comes to my mind. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are Soft-muted because of their neutral look and can wear a range of colors, but they look best in muted shades.

These colors are basically soft colors leaning more on the delicate and light side. Yes, but within your own season eg. Clear Winter and Clear Spring. Some women may notice that when they dye their hair lighter they can wear lighter colors. When you color your hair to a lighter shade your palette opens up to lighter shades of color.

Her natural coloring is Deep Autumn. With me, whenever I dye my hair golden-reddish brown I can wear many of the Warm Autumn colors.At a Glance.

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