Write a sentence with the word tooken

It must have taken a long time to say good-bye. I've not taken a prize in weeks. Taken together, those findings suggest that almost all economic growth in the last plus years was from technology.

Write a sentence with the word tooken

Howie gave a token protest but agreed. His masters only needed one small token of the body that had been burned here. He was the first pope to date his acts according to the years of the Frankish monarchy, and a mosaic of the time in the Lateran palace represents St Peter bestowing the banners upon Charles as a token of temporal supremacy, while the coinage issued by the pope bears witness to the same idea.

Subsequently the write a sentence with the word tooken of Albufera were conferred upon the duke of Wellington in token of the gratitude of the Spanish nation. His friends therefore felt, at the close of that long campaign, that the nation owed him some substantial token of gratitude and admiration for those sacrifices.

write a sentence with the word tooken

As evidence of such prowess, and as a token of his right to a share of any spoil, the warrior was accustomed to scalp his enemy and adorn his bridle with the trophy. Despite his residence on the Spanish mark, he shows no token of a knowledge of Arabic, a fact which is perhaps sufficient to overthrow the statement of Adhemar as to his having studied at Cordova.

The Sikhs themselves soon revolted against the exactions of Prithi Chand, and prayed Arjan to assert himself else the seed of the True Name would perish. Images of himself were erected on the shores of the Mediterranean in token of his victories, and cities and palaces were built at home out of the spoils of the conquered lands.

This Edmund received in his own day the surname of Crouchback, not, as was afterwards supposed, from a personal deformity, but from having worn a cross upon his back in token of a crusading vow. He belonged to the leading family of Palmyra, which bore, in token of Roman citizenship, the gentilicium of Septimius; hence his full name was Septimius Odainath Vogue, Syrie centrale, Nos.

As a token of signal regard Octavian bestowed upon him the hand of his niece Marcella In his sixteenth year 87 B. Caesar lost his father, and assumed the toga virilis as the token of manhood.

He broke the bread not in token of his approaching death, but in order to its equal distribution. In doing so they drop a wooden soul-token called a Churinga. Our "Hebrews" had obviously high regard for the ordinances of Temple worship. But this was the case with the dispersed Jews generally, who kept in touch with the Temple, and its intercessory worship for all Israel, in every possible way; in token of this they sent with great care their annual contribution to its services, the Temple tribute.

His grandfather served in the war against Sertorius with Pompey, through whose influence he obtained the Roman citizenship; hence the name Pompeius, adopted as a token of gratitude to his benefactor. The use of writing for the purpose of the token between " guest-friends " tessera hospitalis is certainly very ancient.

The Kajar shah walked on foot to the tomb of Imam Riza, before which he knelt and kissed the ground in token of devotion, and was recognized as a Shiite of Shiites. When in B. Ahaz, king of Judah, alarmed at the preparations made against him by the Syro-Ephraimitish alliance, was inclined to seek aid from Tiglath-pileser of Assyria, the prophet Isaiah endeavoured to allay his fear by telling him that the danger would pass away, and as a sign from Yahweh that this should be so, any young woman who should within the year bear a son, might call his name Immanuel in token of the divine protection accorded to Judah.

Accordingly, in i 13cj, Malachy set out from Ireland with the purpose of soliciting from the pope the pallium the token of archiepiscopal subjection to Rome for the archbishop of Armagh.What is the difference between took and taken?

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is tooken a word?????? | Yahoo Answers He was quite taken with your niece.
Use taken in a sentence | taken sentence examples Choose the sentence that contains a shift in verb tenses.
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Taken | Define Taken at alphabetnyc.com He took a day off. I took Highway
WORD COURT ARCHIVES I am a teacher, too. I am too tired to run.

Taken is the past participle and hence is grammatically correct in your sentence using the comditional perfect. The other feature of sentence (5)--the absence of a possessive -s, and reliance on the adjacency to express the possessive relationship, is found throughout the Caribbean and West African pidgins and creoles, and in pidgin/creole languages (resulting from mixture and .

You can listen to each sentence as you read it. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / .

To change an active voice sentence to a passive voice sentence: Make the object of the active sentence into the subject of the passive sentence. Use the verb “to . How to use taken in a sentence. Example sentences with the word taken.

taken example sentences. Definitions. Synonyms Synonyms. SentencesSentence examples.

Tooken in a sentence | Example sentences

Taken Sentence Examples. It must have taken a long time to say good-bye. I've not taken a prize in weeks. Taken together. Write a sentence that matches the form provided in the description (Sentence with compound subject and action verb.) My Sentence is: The lizard and the cat jumped on the mouse.

Now i need a second sentence to match my first.

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